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Calvin attended a Futureversity summer course when he was 16, and the following year became a Peer Motivator Team Leader. He has since joined the cast of a well-known Channel 4 TV series.

‘On a six-week summer holiday, I don’t have much to do so I get bored. When I get bored I get up to no good. It’s a vicious circle. So I signed up to be a Team Leader so I could experience something new and have more of a sense of purpose during the summer.

As part of my role, I had to telephone other students to confirm their attendance on courses and this really helped me change my attitude towards my own development. I also participated in TV Presenting and Self Defence courses, which I loved. I was already doing boxing and was into drama so I felt like these Futureversity courses supported my passions. 

At the start of the Peer Motivator training I found criticism really hard – I’d always be on the defensive – but after a while I tried to take a more laid back approach; I tried to see the positive out of it. I think it made me more composed.  

I met loads of people I wouldn’t normally meet, talked to people I wouldn’t normally talk to. It made me more aware that there’s a whole different world out there, outside my borough.’


Tammana, who lives in Redbridge, attended Futureversity summer courses there before going on to become a Peer Motivator Team Leader in Tower Hamlets when she was 17.

‘After doing various summer courses at Futureversity I decided to volunteer as a Peer Motivator. During the training we did role play exercises about conflict resolution which I was then able to put into practice in personal situations. It made me see things in a better light and since then I’ve been able to express my frustrations a lot better.

I was given the role of Team Leader, which was extremely beneficial for me because I had to maintain good relationships with all the people in my team, but at the same time encourage them to get the work done!

The whole experience changed me a lot. It made me feel important and that I can make a difference and improve myself. My people and leadership skills are better and I find it easier to ask others for help and be patient in difficult situations or when people are rude.

There is real culture diversity on the courses too. It opens your eyes and makes you more aware of other cultures. Futureversity is an amazing organisation – it’s made so much difference to so many people.’


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