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Vacation Education is Futureversity's newest innovative programme. Created in summer 2015, Vacation Education is a year-long pilot programme that provides 13-16 year olds with purposeful, fun activities to make the best use of their school holidays.

Young people in the UK spend 25% of their time not in school. When the school doors close a multitude of issues arise for those from more disadvantaged backgrounds which is proven to affect wellbeing, learning momentum and motivation, which year on year leads to an attainment gap. 

The programme includes over 80+ hours of structured activities such as drama, sports days, orienteering, cooking, water sports, business challenges, cultural excursions and more- all completely free of charge to the young people on the programme. We also ensure that the young people's wellbeing needs are met by providing them with meals everyday. 

According to the Education Employers Taskforce, just two or more encounters with an employer while at school means a young person is 20% less likely to become NEET [not in education, employment, training]. Based on this research, many Vacation Education activities rely heavily on business volunteers from a wide range of organisations including Goldman Sachs, Nationwide, CSC, Barclays and Salesforce.

Underpinning the programme framework are the six key capabilities identified by the Impetus Trust that young people need to be ready for work. These are: self awareness, receptiveness, resilience, drive, self assuredness and being informed. Each activity works on developing one or more of these capabilities in participants. 

Students are primarily recruited through their schools but also through housing associations and other youth organisations. Students undergo both pre and post programme evaluation to measure the impact of the activities. This impact assessment is shared with their referrers. 

If you are a school or organisation that would like to get your young people involved or if you are interested in supporting Vacation Education though volunteering or donating, please email chantal@futureversity.org and don't forget to check out the excellent results of last year's programme in the report below!

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