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If you haven’t got a local Futureversity Programme, we can help you to set one up.

The Futureversity Partnership Agreement has been developed especially to help roll out our successful model to new areas, both nationally and internationally. We’re all set to go if you are!

What you need

  • Passion and commitment to bring the community together to improve the lives of local young people.
  • Some key contacts across sectors who share the vision.

What we offer

As part of the Futureversity Partnership Agreement, we offer the following: 

Pre-engagement services

These services enable both Futureversity and our partners to decide upon the feasibility of delivering a Futureversity Programme in the local area and to identify the possible outcomes. Working in partnership with you, we will:

  • Help to identify the local needs and desired outcomes
  • Engage with young people to ensure we meet their needs and that they shape the programme
  • Deliver a Stakeholder Engagement Day and train local young people to facilitate this
  • Identify relevant partners to form a Steering Group
  • Present the Futureversity model and ethos to the Steering Group and other key bodies
  • Undertake a Risk Assessment 

Project delivery services

Having decided that the delivery of a Futureversity Programme is viable, Futureversity will support you through all aspects of the development and delivery of your local Futureversity programme. Services include:

  • Support in identifying and/or recruiting a Futureversity Co-ordinator
  • Bespoke training in all aspects of setting up and running the programme
  • Advertising of courses through a youth focused website
  • Access to a bespoke web based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which includes the Futureversity Registration & Enrolment Database (FRED)
  • User support for FRED
  • Resources to support planning and delivery, e.g. planning schedules, contracts, guidance on working with corporate partners etc.
  • Quality assurance of your programme by our Youth Assessors through the Futureversity Quality Assurance Framework
  • Access to the Futureversity brand

Get in touch

If we’ve sparked your interest and you would like to talk more about setting up a Futureversity Programme in your local area, please get in touch with our Programmes Manager on 020 7392 7818 or email info@futureversity.org.


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