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Graduate Tungtaeya, from Tower Hamlets, joined Job Ready, run in association with Bank of America Merrill Lynch. She secured employment at the investment bank in her dream job as an Analyst.

‘I was on the verge of giving up. I was just very tired of being unemployed, having to go to the job centre and listening to people try to get me into customer service roles in shops when all I really wanted to do was something that suited my degree in Economics and French, something that suited my personality.

The moment I got to Futureversity, I met with the Job Ready team who told me that they’d do whatever they could do to help me get the job I wanted. I remember thinking: “Wow!” It was the first time I hadn’t been told to lower my expectations! I can’t stress how much the support I had at Futureversity helped me stay on track with my goal of becoming an Analyst.

What set Job Ready apart from the other programmes available to me was the opportunities I was given. I interviewed an Analyst, met the HR teams of various big investment banks, and even got the chance to meet the Senior Vice President at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, who arranged some job interviews for me!

When I was offered the position of Analyst there, the first people I called after my immediate family was the Job Ready team at Futureversity. I was so moved by the pride and happiness from the team – it really showed how much they cared about my success.’


Peter, from south London, who left school at 16 and had never had a job, gained permanent employment through the Job Ready Programme.

‘I was 23 when I joined Job Ready. I was unemployed and I'd never had a job. I was really into making music – when I put my mind to something I can be pretty motivated – but I’d been in trouble with the police numerous times and I can see now that my situation was really unstable.

I was told I’d get to do work experience on Job Ready and that’s what made me join up. And I’m so glad I did. The whole experience was really good. I still use some of the things that I learnt back then. I remember the Job Ready Co-ordinator saying, “Places of employment are like bank accounts – the more you deposit, the more you can withdraw.” I still think about that and try to put a lot in when I’m at work so I get more out of it.

My work experience placement went really well and, when it came to an end, the company offered me a permanent job. Amazingly, I’m still there.

I can’t really emphasise how much getting this job changed my life. It’s had a major impact. My life used to be so unpredictable. When I think about where I was at when I joined Job Ready... well, anything could have happened – I could’ve been in jail, I could’ve been dead, I could’ve been on the run... My best mate’s in jail now... But I’ve managed to avoid all that.

The first thing I bought with my wages was a Mac computer to mix music on. I also went on my first proper holiday a couple of years ago and last year I went to Italy for the first time... I just think I’ve been really lucky.’



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