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FV1/Nang! case studies


Denise, from Kennington, joined the magazine journalism summer course having just finished university. She stayed on after the summer and worked her way up to Editor, eventually leaving to begin employment as an Editorial Assistant on a magazine.

‘I always felt that journalism would be my thing, so when my friend told me about the Futureversity magazine I couldn’t wait to get started. I’d just finished uni and was unemployed so I really needed a new challenge. Everyone at Futureversity was really friendly and welcoming which just made me want to do it even more. I loved it!

'Development' and 'progression' are key words I think of when I remember my time at Futureversity. I turned up just wanting to do a bit of writing, but I progressed so much more than I could have ever imagined. I did interviews, fashion shoots and features for the magazine and ended up becoming the Editor. I also landed a six-month PR/Communications internship in the Futureversity office which was amazing!

My greatest memories of working on the magazine are interviewing Dizzee Rascal live on stage, securing two cover interviews and making new friends on the editorial team. I think the main thing I got out of it was belief in myself. I started to see - for the first time really - that if I work hard enough I can actually do it.’

 Denise and Chris interviewing Futureversity Patron, Dizzee Rascal


Chris, from Romford, enrolled on the Nang! Journalism summer course in 2008 when he was 16 and continued to contribute to the magazine for the following two years. He is now studying Journalism at university.

‘To say: “I hated school” would be an understatement for me. I didn’t get on with my teachers, I bunked a lot and I was generally not a good student. My mate discovered the magazine summer course and told me about it. I was reluctant to go because I was nervous but I ended up enrolling and it turned out to the luckiest break ever. I absolutely loved it and it kick-started everything in terms of me becoming more serious about being a journalist in the future.

I stayed on at Futureversity after the summer and ended up writing loads of articles for the magazine. I felt really motivated and got the grades I needed to study journalism at uni. I remember feeling really comfortable when I started the degree course because I already knew how magazine journalism works; I knew the journalistic terms and I’d written a lot of articles.

All the stuff I did on Nang! was really good for my confidence. It gave me a sense of purpose I hadn’t previously felt. I feel like the course totally changed my life.’

Chris and other young jounalists with singer Ellie Golding, second left, at Underage Festival 2010


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