• Bottom implant, dear?

    What's with the bizarre craze in butt injections?

  • Street fashion

    We went out and about to find what clothes mean to you

  • Write for FV1

    We need more brilliant articles for our website! 

  • The day that changed my life

    Matt was an aspiring rugby player until a catastrophic injury changed everything...

  • Is uni worth the debt?

    To go or not to go... Yes, folks, it's the million pound question!

  • Don't tell me what to wear!

    Why do people have such a problem with Muslim women's dress?

  • The F-word

    Has feminism really moved on from the hairy-legged hippy?

  • Fast food fashion

    Just how much impact do cheap clothes have on the environment? Way too much!

  • Sex education is rubbish!

    With the highest teen pregnancy rate in Western Europe, something's not working...

  • 'Funding cuts risk worsening support for young dyslexics'

    Benjamin Zephaniah speaks out

    Read the whole article

  • 'For young people entering the retail job market, it's going to be tricky right now'

    FV1's Neelam looks at getting a job in retail

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  • Why do men get paid more than women for doing the same job?'

    FV1 contributor, Keisha, wants more equality

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