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In 2001, Futureversity launched Nang!, a glossy lifestyle magazine written by young people for young people. Packed with articles on music, fashion, politics, film, real-life issues and careers, Nang! also featured interviews with all kinds of famous faces, from Dizzee Rascal to Boris Johnson. It was distributed free across London to universities, colleges, sixth forms, youth clubs and libraries, built up a loyal following, won awards including Guardian Student Magazine of the Year 2007 and basically wowed everyone who read it.

Ten years later, we felt it was about time we got everything Nang! had to offer - and more - and put it online to respond to the changing times. So, we've created online magazine, FV1. Still full of brilliant articles written by 16-25 year olds, it has loads of amazingly cool interactive stuff too - and now anyone can have their say!

What more could a young person want?

Disclaimer: No articles in FV1 magazine or on FV1 website may be reproduced or reprinted in any form without written permission by the publisher, Futureversity. The views expressed in FV1 are not those of Futureversity but of the individual author.

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