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19 January 2012
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10 February 2012
UK Youth and Starbucks are offering grants to 16-24 year olds.
15 February 2012
Young people launch campaign to raise a £1million for Futureversity
08 March 2012
Book now to secure your seat at the Savoy for Dine for the Future 2012
21 March 2012
Job Ready Assistant proud to represent local community
30 March 2012
Young people thank staff for 'life-changing' course
30 April 2012
How do YOU feel about your future job prospects?
01 May 2012
Young apprentice leads youth unemployment campaign...
16 May 2012
Negative attitudes close doors to job opportunities...
16 May 2012
A survey of 1,000 16-25 year old Londoners...

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